Wonderful 101
Image: Platinum Games

PlatinumGames has announced that the free DLC The Wonderful One: After School Hero Part 1 is now out for The Wonderful 101: Remastered, three years after the game's original release on Steam, Nintendo Switch, and PlayStation 4 (as spotted by Gematsu and Nintendo Life!).

This is one of two DLCs that were included as stretch goals in the initial Kickstarter campaign, which was put together in order to gauge interest in the project ahead of development (listed on the page as Luka's First Mission and Luka's Second Mission).

In contrast to the main campaign of Wonderful 101, which is a 3D action-adventure title where you control a horde of superheroes, After School Hero is instead a sidescrolling platformer that follows the character Luka's journey as they become the latest recruit of the Centinels Planetary Secret Service. Obviously, this is a little bit of a departure from the rest of the game, but it sounds like a fun addition and, thanks to being free, seems well worth checking out.

Here are some of the features, according to the trailer's video description:

  • Thrilling SIDE-SCROLLING action Jump into classic side-scrolling action with a PlatinumGames twist. Get ready for a super-exciting experience as you blast away a bunch of enemies with your awesome lasers!
  • Super-fun LASER shooting Luka uses his trusty Stingy Eye goggles to shoot a variety of lasers that decimate his foes. Use the Right Stick to freely shoot lasers in any direction! 2-D shooting has never felt so simple, fun, and intuitive! You have three laser types at your disposal. Blast away, young recruit!
  • A variety of MODES to keep you enticed Go hands-on with The Wonderful One: After School Hero in two different modes. The Arcade Mode lets you experience the story of how Luka became the full-fledged hero 'Wonder Goggles'. The Challenge Mode lets you select and play any Drill of your choice. Try to clear all the unique missions set in each Drill and see if you can find some hidden areas on each stage. Re-play the game to your heart's content to explore every nook and cranny!

You can download part one now, with part two expected to drop next week!

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