Steel Empire
Image: Hot B

Strictly Limited Games, together with Mebius and Starfish, have unveiled Steel Empire Chronicles, a new shoot 'em up collection that includes three versions of the classic Steampunk game Steel Empire (including the 2018 remake, the GBA reimagining, and the Mega Drive/Genesis original) as well as the NES title Over Horizon.

The collection was announced earlier today and will be available for PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch as both a limited (39.99) and a "special" limited edition copy (59.99). Strictly Limited Games will be accepting preorders for the collection from April 9th, with orders expected to ship around Summer 2023.

Below you'll find a description of each of the games included:

Steel Empire (Remake)

"Experience the full glory of Steel Empire in this newest remake and fight against the Motorhead Empire in HD for the first time! Shoot your way through seven fully remade stages, train your skills and beat the Motorhead Empire!"

Steel Empire (Game Boy Advance)

"The motors are running again to fight the Motorhead Empire in this version of Steel Empire for Game Boy Advance, a 2005 reimagining of the original Genesis / Mega Drive version. Dive into the remade steampunk world and play through all stages of the original once again!"

Steel Empire (Genesis / Mega Drive)

"The original version of Steel Empire, released for Genesis / Mega Drive in 1992. Notable for its steampunk influences, it set itself apart from other games of the genre even back in the days. Pick between two airships and make off on your journey to overthrow the Motorhead Empire!"

Over Horizon (NES)

"Released in 1991 for the NES, this Shoot ‘em up was created by the same developers as Steel Empire. Experience a hidden gem of gaming history that was originally only released in Japan and Germany and enjoy the atmospheric and colorful presentation!"

The collection will also come with a bunch of cool quality-of-life features added, such as a rewind ability, quicksave and load, new graphics filters/shaders, text and technical optimizations, and flickering reduction.

You can watch the trailer below: