King of Fighters
Image: SNK

SNK's King of Fighters series has been thrilling fans since 1994 when it made its debut on the Neo Geo system. Since then, we've had a series of yearly updates which have, more recently, slowed somewhat – but the franchise remains popular with its hardcore audience, who had long held the view that it's more technically demanding than its close rival, Street Fighter.

King of Fighters titles have been ported to a wide range of systems over the years, including the PlayStation, Saturn and even the humble Game Boy – but Sega's Master System came too late to be in with a shot of hosting the famous tournament. However, that's about to change thanks to PsychoMaster, the author of the 'Master Fight Engine'.

This engine is designed to allow developers to create one-on-one fighting games for Sega's 8-bit system, and, as a proof of concept, PsychoMaster has created a version of King of Fighters for the machine.

The visuals are based on the aforementioned Game Boy instalments, but PsychoMaster has added some colour to make them more appealing. The results are pretty decent, and we'll be keeping our eyes on this project for sure.