Prince of Persia
Image: Heritage Auctions / 2022 Heritage Auctions

Heritage Auctions is about to sell off a bunch of original video game art as part of its upcoming 'Video Game Signature Auction'

The auction features 86 pieces of concept art, box art, and other promotional material. It also includes the work of notable artists such as Robert Florczak (Prince of Persia), Oliver Frey (Barts Nightmare N-Force Magazine Cover, Street Fighter II Official Sticker Book), and Mick McGinty (Mass Destruction, Die Hard Arcade) to name just a few.

Heritage Auctions Video Game Signature Auction
Image: Heritage Auctions

Looking at the auction as it currently stands, it appears that Frank Cirocco's NES cover for Bionic Commando and Robert Florczak's Prince of Persia artwork are the two most sought-after items, with bids of $17,500 and $15,500 respectively. After that, the next highest bid is for Mick McGinty's Streets of Rage 2 Genesis advertising art, which currently has an offer of $3,600.

The auction is open for proxy bidding for the next three days, with an in-person auction taking place between 20th-21st January 2023. Given the historical interest of some of this artwork, we're hoping that it ultimately ends up in the right hands, with someone who would be willing to exhibit the art publicly, either touring conventions or as part of a more permanent exhibit.

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