Evercade EXP
Image: Damien McFerran / Time Extension

Blaze, the company behind the excellent Evercade series of retro systems, has claimed that stock worth over £500,000 has been stolen.

According to the statement released by the British company, in the early hours of December 6th, a lorry carrying Evercade EXP Limited Edition stock was subject to a suspected targeted robbery. Thankfully, nobody was harmed during the theft.

The units in question were being moved to warehouses in preparation for their dispatch to those who had pre-ordered in the UK, USA, and the rest of the world. EU stock was not affected. Blaze states that 'standard edition' units of the system – which launches on December 15th – are also unaffected.

Blaze has moved quickly to provide a solution to those customers who were hoping to have the Evercade EXP Limited Edition in their hands in time for Christmas.

“This is an unprecedented situation in the history of Blaze and Funstock and we deeply sympathize with all our fans and customers who are the victims of this theft,” said Blaze Entertainment CEO, Andrew Byatt in a statement issued by the firm. “I have immediately started production on replacements for this stock at our factory and we will endeavour to get these into your hands as fast as humanly possible. We firmly believe that the customers of Blaze and Funstock are victims here and we apologise for the impact this event will cause. We hope all our customers can join us in condemning the actions of these criminals and ensuring this event will not be allowed to stop our enjoyment of the classic gaming experience that Evercade provides.”

Blaze is taking additional steps to make up for the delay. "We recognise that this will be disappointing for our customers," Byatt adds. "As a mark of our gratitude for their patience while we remanufacture the goods, we will be creating a list of “Heroes” which will be added to our EXP console credits, thanking those people that stuck by us at this time. We will also add a screen protector set into the reproduced goods and Funstock will include a 20% off voucher on a future order."

Byatt goes on to point out that any EXP Limited Edition units being sold outside of Funstock.co.uk are likely to be stolen goods.

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