Fallout GZDoom
Image: Saur X

Over the last couple of years, Alexander Berezin, known online as Saur X, has been uploading animations of classic Fallout reimagined in Doomesque 3D. And now it seems that they are finally applying this style to a new fangame for PC, called Fallout: Bakersfield (as spotted by Fallout YouTuber TKsMantis).

On September 30th, Berezin uploaded a teaser for the game to their YouTube channel. It shows a vault dweller fighting their way through the ghoul-infested streets of Bakersfield (now named Necropolis), with brass knuckles, a 9mm pistol, and a double-barrel shotgun.

Onscreen we see a take on the classic Fallout UI, with familiar elements like HP, ammo, weapon slots, and some green text describing the actions being performed, but in the middle, there's a brand-new portrait showing off the character's expressions much like Doom. The trailer then ends with the vault dweller staring enigmatically down an empty street with their pistol drawn.

If you freeze the video, you can also catch a brief description of Necropolis's story:

"On October 23, 2077, the populace of Bakersfield learned that the other Vaults had been sealed. In desperation, they took to their local shelter, forcing their way in to protect themselves and their families. The door worked as designed: the radiation flooded in; those who survived suffered from ghoulification. In the summer of 2083, the survivors would leave the shelter. Those that chose to stay founded the city of Necropolis."

Fallout: Bakersfield is being powered by GZDoom. At present, there's no release date, but we'll update you as more information becomes available. For now, you can watch the trailer below to see it in action!

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[source youtube.com, via twitter.com]