Image: TwBurn

The Philips CD-i perhaps doesn't get as much love now as it deserves. One of the many systems which tried (and failed) to ride the 'multimedia' boom of the early '90s, the CD-i struggled in the face of more powerful machines like the PlayStation and Saturn, and is infamous day as being one of the few non-Nintendo consoles to get Zelda and Mario titles.

However, there's a small but loyal group of people who want to keep the memory of the machine alive, and those same people are being rewarded with a brand-new game in the form of Nobelia.

Described by its maker as "Zelda Meets Bomberman", this homebrew outing features open-world action and 30 unique levels. There are four power-ups to obtain and four different enemy types to face off against. An in-game timer with high score support is also included, which will please speedrunning fans. In short, this is – again, according to its maker – "the biggest and most ambitious homebrew game released yet for the CD-i."

If you fancy giving Nobelia a spin, you can purchase and download it as a disk image; you can then burn it to a CD-R to play on an actual CD-i system (or you can emulate it on your PC). The cost of the download is $16.50 USD.

Alternatively, you can purchase a physical copy (complete with lovely packaging) here; the cost is 35 Euros.