Echo Night
Image: FromSoftware

From Software is a name many players are familiar with today due to games like Dark Souls, Sekiro, and Elden Ring, but the Japanese studio also has a few other interesting titles under its belt, including the Echo Night series of horror games.

These games primarily focus on a character named Richard Osmond as he explores haunted locations with the help of a magical artifact. They have had a fairly strange history when it comes to overseas localization in the past, but now thanks to a group of fans we're able to play one of its most obscure entries, Echo Night: The First Voyage.

Echo Night: The First Voyage was a PSP game released back in 2005 as part of From Software's Adventure Player, a Japanese-only app that let users create their own visual novels and quiz games. It takes place on the Orpheus, the ship from the first Echo Night game, but takes place in a different time period.

Mugi, one of the hackers behind the release, wrote on the GBA temp forums,

"Echo Night: The First Voyage is a fairly unknown piece of the Echo Night series of games that was released inside the Adventure Player for PSP back in 2005. This patch fully translates Echo Night: The First Voyage to English, and converts the Adventure Player ISO to create a standalone game out of the translated Echo Night, so you can treat it as any other PSP game and no longer have to deal with the Adventure Player software itself."

As noted in the credits, two other people helped in bringing this obscure entry into English. This includes a translator named Tom and another hacker called XYZ. If you want to try out Echo Night: The First Voyage for yourself, you can download the patch and find instructions on how to install here.

What do you make of this news? Do you plan to check out the game for yourself? Leave a comment and let us know!

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