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A short time ago, we lifted the lid on a new handheld games system aimed at retro players, called the Evercade. Rather than attempt to go head-to-head with the Switch, this pocket-sized marvel will instead focus on running old-school games, and it will come bundled with a cartridge (remember them?) packed with classic Atari hits.

The idea of playing Atari 2600 titles might not get everyone's pulse racing, but we can now exclusively reveal that more licenced carts are coming to the platform – and these are a lot more interesting if you're a gamer who grew up in the late '80s and early '90s.

Two new cartridges will focus on the output of Interplay and Data East respectively. The Interplay cart will include ClayFigher, Earthworm Jim, Battle Chess, Boogerman, Dragon Wars, Incantation and Titan.


The Data East cartridge has a few more games on it, and will include Bad Dudes, Burgertime, Midnight Resistance, Side Pocket, Karate Champ, Joe & Mac 2: Lost in the Tropics, Fighter's History, Two Crude Dudes, Magical Drop II and Bump 'n' Jump.


The console will be available in a 'Standard' edition which with a single cart for £59.99 / €69.99 / $79.99, or a 'Premium' version with all three carts for £79.99 / €89.99 / $99.99. It has not been confirmed exactly which carts will be bundled with these packs as yet. The machine is expected to launch in 'Q4' this year.

Furthermore, we've been told about another Evercade-related announced that is scheduled for early next week, and it's pretty amazing news – watch this space.

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This article was originally published by on Wed 22nd May, 2019.