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I'm not sure if Time Extension are planning to do a Black Friday Deals article like the other 3 Hookshot sites but I thought it might be a good idea to create a thread like this anyway.

There's lots of neo-retro devices, content, collections and remasters available from normal stores, might be a good idea to post anything you see around in this thread. Even beyond Black Friday

(please don't post links to you own eBay page in this thread - i am pretty sure it's against the community rules)

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Here are some of the black friday deals I've seen in the UK. Not sure if they are good prices as I haven't been tracking these particular items but they might be useful to other people...

Amazon UK

The A500 Mini - currently £97.99

The Lego Harry Potter Collection:
PS4 - currently £9.69
Switch - currently £16.79
Xbox - currently £10.99

Star Wars Racer/Republic Commando Double Pack (Nintendo Switch) - currently £14.51

Star Wars Jedi Knight Double Pack (Switch) - currently £14.51

TMNT Cowabunga Collection:
PS4 - currently £20.99
PS5 - currently £22.99
Xbox - currently £22.99

Alan Wake Remastered:
PS5 - currently £12.99
Xbox - currently £12.74
PS4 - currently £12.99

The Last of Us Part I (PS5) - currently £44.95

Super Monkey Ball Banana Mania:
Switch - currently £19.51
Xbox - currently £11.01
PS4 - currently £12.71

Yakuza Remastered Collection:
PS4 - currently £11.86

Mass Effect Legendary Edition:
Xbox - currently £16.99

Disney Classic Games Collection: Jungle Book/Lion King/Aladdin:
Xbox - currently £16.99
Switch - currently £14.99

Sonic Mania Plus:
PS4 - currently £14.99
Xbox - currently £15.99

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@antdickens cheers! Feel free to use any of the above post if you do an article. I probably won't post any more unless I see a realllly good deal on something as that post took a lot longer than I thought it would 😅. I almost forgot there were so many retro collections out at the moment!

See ya!

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