Topic: SNES and GENESIS soundtracks, which are your favorites?

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@PinballBuzzbro One of my favorite examples of sampling is Rockman X2 for that exact reason. If you compare the game samples of the guitar and drum sets with the original uncompressed samples from the Roland CD, you’ll hear that the SNES samples are actually Bassier and have more kick to them, and it makes the Rockman X2 drums the nicest, fullest sounding drums on the SNES. Developers that really cared would work around the flat sound by pre-editing the samples.

The SNES and the Genesis have their strengths. They both do what they do so well. Nothing beats the echoed SNES sound or the Full-Sounding FM synthesis of the Genesis. Did you know that the N64 had built in audio effects, like delay too?

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