Road Avenger

Former GameFan staff writer Mollie L Patterson has stumbled across a bizarre discovery – a bunch of her former colleagues from the 1990s have somehow made it into the credits for the 1995 LaserActive port of Road / Blaster Avenger.

The names were found by a GDRI member, and include some of the key GameFan staff, including its iconic editor and founder, Dave Halverson.

What are those names doing in a game developed in Japan? Mollie has asked one of the people credited and they have no idea, so it could be that the developers were keen to include Western-sounding names and simple stole them from a copy of GameFan (some are even spelt incorrectly).

You can view the full credits below:

Developed for arcades by Data East in 1985 and featuring animation by Toei, Road Blaster used LaserDisc technology in the same way as Dragon's Lair. It was later ported to the Mega CD, Saturn, PlayStation and LaserActive.

If we get to the bottom of this mystery, we will of course update this post.