Crayon Shin-Chan 3
Image: David Baisley

The Nuon is one of the most obscure gaming systems of all time – partly due to the fact that it's not really a gaming system at all, but a DVD player that also plays video games.

Based on a chipset created by VM Labs, Nuon would attract the likes of Samsung, Toshiba, and Thomson Multimedia when it came to hardware support, but its high price and lack of marketing in the face of the PS2 meant it was a commercial flop. Only eight games were commercially released, one of which, Crayon Shin-Chan 3, has become something of an obsession for Nuon collectors.

Based on the manga and anime of the same name, Crayon Shin-Chan 3 was exclusive to South Korea and is believed to be the only Nuon game to contain region-locking.

To make matters worse, it was bundled with the Samsung DVD-N591, the only Nuon model released in the region. Due to the aforementioned region lock, Crayon Shin-Chan 3 will only work with the DVD-N591.

Fans believe that the DVD-N591 had an extremely limited release, with some even voicing the opinion that it only got a 'test market' release rather than a full-scale roll-out. As a result, it's become the Holy Grail for Nuon fans.

We can now report that this insanely obscure piece of gaming history has been preserved and shared online, and it can now be played on all Nuon players thanks to the removal of the pesky region lock.

You can download the game here.