Game Boy Miyoo Mini
Image: Damien McFerran / Time Extension

The Miyoo Mini has become one of the most popular emulation handhelds of recent years, thanks largely to its iconic design (borrowed from the Game Boy), tiny size and robust retro gaming prowess.

It's so popular that stock often sells out the moment is becomes available via various online resellers – but it would seem that the handheld has now reached the end of its lifespan due to a production issue (thanks, Dexerto).

A Twitter account which monitors stock levels has reported that only 200 units will be available this month due to difficulties in obtaining the small screen used in the console:

Miyoo's official statement, translated from the original Chinese, says:

“There [are] no [screens] available for production. [We] need the [screens] to [continue] production. Otherwise, [the] 200 [left] are the last batch.”

Miyoo is already preparing a successor in the form of the Miyoo Mini Plus, which will boast a bigger form factor.

There's a chance that the company will resurrect the original model if it can find a supplier for the tiny IPS screen it needs, but for now, it would seem that this diminutive device is going to become even harder to find.