The original Miyoo Mini
Image: Damien McFerran / Time Extension

Chinese emulation handheld maker Miyoo scored a surprise hit with its Miyoo Mini system not so long ago. Sporting a Game Boy-like design and a truly pocket-friendly footprint, it sold very well indeed – the fact that it also boasts a great screen and can play ROMs for a wide range of retro systems didn't hurt, either.

After arguably losing some ground to rival Anbernic when it comes to the Game Boy-style form factor, Miyoo is preparing to launch a new variant – and this time, it's going for a design which is a little friendlier on the fingers.

If there was one serious complaint about the original Miyoo Mini, it was the size – while it fits in the pocket like a dream, using it for prolonged periods can sometimes be uncomfortable, especially if you possess large hands.

Miyoo Mini +
The leaked image of the Miyoo Mini + (left) alongside the original model (right)

Now, thanks to a leak (cheers, RetroDodo) we now know that the Miyoo Mini + is real. It appears to be sporting a 3.5-inch screen, which means it will be almost identical in size to the Anbernic RG35XX, another Game Boy-like emulation device we reviewed recently.

RetroDodo has also confirmed that this new system will be capable of running a custom OS from day one, so you'll be able to swap out the stock firmware for something more capable, like OnionOS.

Expect to see an official confirmation when the Chinese New Year holiday ends.