Image: Damien McFerran / Time Extension

Playmaji's Polymega console is, in many ways, the dream retro gaming system. It uses emulation and optional modules to replicate the performance of systems like the SNES, Mega Drive / Genesis, PlayStation and Saturn, and has a massive built-in database which allows you to 'dump' your collection, iTunes-style.

The big issue with the Polymega at present is that the machine is incredibly hard to get hold of. Following lengthy delays, it finally started shipping out to those who had pre-ordered a few years ago, but many are still waiting for their system and communication between customers and Playmaji has been inconsistent at best.

Now, the company has issued statements relating to production delays, and the news isn't positive if you're in the market to pick up one of these systems.

In a series of tweets, the official Polymega account said the following:

First, our factory lead times increased this quarter due to one of our critical supplier's inability to meet the lead time estimates they previously provided us.

What was 12-16 weeks before increased to 40+ weeks. This is impacting shipment times, so we're working to place a larger than needed order from them so that the issue doesn't continue into next year.

We are working on delivery timing estimates now, but rest assured if you've got a pre-order you'll get your system in the order received as soon as we have it in hand.

We will be stopping pre-orders sometime soon until we can fulfill our backlog. We don't have a particular date set but we will keep you informed.

An update was also given to those who had ordered a Polymega in Europe, and those who have the base system but are still waiting on those all-important modules:

WWD's modules have begun shipment to their facilities in Germany as of last week. Expect shipment updates from them soon.

Anyone who has missing modules from the first shipment can expect delivery in late August / early September.

It's not all bad news, however. It has been confirmed that support for the Saturn's MPEG video mode – which required a separate accessory on the original hardware – is in development:

It has already been confirmed that N64 support is coming to the system, and Dreamcast support is possible.

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