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The Stellar Assault series is probably not the best-known series in the West. The first game, which was retitled to Shadow Squadron outside of Japan, was released exclusively for the 32X add-on, which meant it didn't exactly achieve mainstream success. Then, once it came time to make an enhanced port for the Sega Saturn, Sega decided not to localize the game for English audiences, preventing even those who wanted to keep up with the series from actually doing so.

Twenty-four years have passed since then, and it seems that a group of fan translators is finally here to give Stellar Assault SS a second chance at popularity, promising to translate the region-locked sequel on Twitter.

The team behind this fan translation is comprised of Lacquerware and Dan Myers, both of whom previously worked on the impressive localisation of the Sega Saturn game Bulk Slash, back in 2021. This translation went above and beyond, incorporating all-new voice acting into the mix, and it seems like that's what they're intending to do here as well. As part of the announcement on Twitter, Lacquerware put forth a call for volunteer voice actors to join his Discord and help bring this piece of Saturn history to the West. Currently, he's predicting the project will take roughly a year in total to complete.

Stellar Assault SS, for those unfamiliar, is a first-person space combat game that is divided up into 17 missions. It's not too dissimilar to other space dogfighting games like Star Fox or Star Wars: X-Wing, with the player placed in a cockpit and being tasked with blasting away all manner of galactic aircraft. But what makes it unique

You can watch a video of it in action below:

Did you play the original Stellar Assault on the 32X? Are you looking forward to this new translation? Let us know what you're thinking below!

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